We Protect The Environment

At Speedy Wash & Lube, we care about our environment!  Our modern state-of-the-art wash tunnel is the one of the most environmentally friendly systems on the market today.  We only use the most efficient equipment and always strive to protect the environment. 

Saving Water

We use the latest in high-pressure rinse technology with our BluWave Linear Profiler. The BluWave can rinse up to 180 cars per hour, safely and efficiently, in a minimal amount of space.  And, because it's designed to use reclaimed water, it's the clean, green, economical choice!


Our building is heated with 100% recycled engine waste oil. We utilize a special heating system that converts used engine oil into a safe and unlimited supply of comfortable heat for our building and our water system.



Contact Info

Speedy Wash and Lube

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  • Speedy Wash: 330-794-7555
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